My Pops Is Top Contest

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See why these dads were nominated to win The My Pops Is Tops Contest

“My dad is the most amazing man. I’m sure everyone tells you their data special and they are. I am legally blind and my dad has always been there for me pushing me to be the person that I am. He knows what to say when to say it and he’s always there in the good and the bad times.”

-Angela Bledsoe of Bowling Green


“He’s one amazing godly man!”

-Amy Turner of Franklin


“Pops is the best!!  Always going out of his way to help his family and friends.”

-Alicia Oliver of Adolphus


“He’s the most hardworking and caring man. He does whatever he can to provide for our family and make the kids’ lives memorable and fun!”

– Andrea Ingram of Bowling Green


“He has taken a broken family that have lost 2 fathers already and has taken them in as his own. He has never given up on us 7 girls. Even through the worst of the worst he has always been beside us.”

-Amanda Noble of Bowling Green


“Has worked hard and long hours his whole life just to make sure his family had everything we could ever need or want. Always put others before himself”

-Brandon Moore of Scottsville


“Hard worker”

-Brenda Brawner of Bowling Green


“He is the best dad. He always sees the good in people. He is always ready to help someone in need.”

-Betty Hawks of Scottsville


“My dad has always been there for all 4 of his children. We are grown now and I still find myself calling my dad to get advice and guidance. He is a good Christian man with Christian values and he raised us to be honest and God-fearing and showed us how to raise a family and work things out when things get hard. Dad and I still lean on each other. I can tell my dad anything and can always depend on getting good advice when I need it. He is 76 and still driving a truck. He still raises a garden, he is a good husband and grandfather and most deserving of a break. Thank you for the opportunity for me to enter him into this contest because in my opinion, MY POPS IS THE TOPS!!!”

-Beverly Redmon of Cave City


“My father has always been there for me when no one else was. He is the kind of father to always help his son no matter the cost. I am the person I am today because of him. If I could only be half the father to my son that he is to me I would be lucky.”

-Billy Baldwin of Russellville


“My husband deserves to win he is a awesome husband /father he provides for us completely with me nit able to work because of my disability be steps up to do so for me and our 9 year old daughter he has a heart of gold and would help anyone in need.”

-Bonnie Bumpus of Bowling Green


“My dad deserves to win because he always stands up for what’s right. A veteran of 2 wars and over 25 years of service. He’s a loving grandfather to his 5 grandkids 4 of which sent blood related but you would never be able to tell. A caring husband and a even harder provider that takes pride in his lawn and work as he runs Preston miller par”

-Brett Schroader of Bowling Green


“He is the best father to our sweet little boy. Our son is all”

-Britney Jones from Austin


“Because he’s a stay at home dad that takes all he’s time for kids and very little time for himself”

-Brian Yoakem of Brownsville


“My childrens father deserves this! He deserves a day of fun”

-Chelcie Atkinson of Bowling Green

“My dad is the most selfless, caring, Christian man I know and he would do anything to help someone else- even if it meant giving up his own shirt on his back he would do it in a heartbeat without thinking twice.  Dad works 50 hour weeks, serves at church on Wednesday’s and Sundays, coaches the church league softball team twice a week and never misses a beat or complains about being tired. He is a go getter and is so deserving of this. Me and my sister have the BEST role model in the world for our dad.”

-Ciara Barnes of Oakland


“I believe he deserves to win because he always works so hard to improve the lives of those around him. No matter the faults of another, my dad sacrifices to put someone else ahead of him.”

-Stephanie Combs of Bowling Green


“I waited 35 years for a father worthy of the name “Dad”. My dad deserves to win this because there is absolutely nothing obligating him to the dad role to 3 grown children but he does anyway. He offers emotional support, guidance and advice and is unwavering in the love he shows for us. He has 3 grown children of his own as well. While it would be easy and understandable to exchange pleasantries and visit when it’s “required”, he makes sure we know, through his actions that he is there for us day and night. He and our mother were both leading professionals in their respective industries and both fell (individually) to the pressures of life and turned to substance abuse to cope. They met while on the road to recovery and have been wonderful for not only each other, but to all 6 of us kids and our children to be present, active, healthy and sober parents and grandparents. Our Dad deserves to win because he is exactly what a DAD should be: Dependable Admirable Dedicated”

-Lindsay Mcgehee of Russellville


“If it wasn’t for my pops i would never remember to change the oil in my car, change my air filter, or get my tires rotated.  Basically without my dad my car would blow up.  He’s also probably the kindest man you will ever meet with the biggest heart for people and animals alike.  I could only be so lucky to ever marry a man half as wonderful as my father.”

-Crystal Beams of Bowling Green


“My pops is great love golf and help other”

-Linda Crowe of Tompkinsville


“This is for my husband. He works two jobs and he takes the grandsons to ball games in franklin every week at least twice a week. Plus they come to our house every other weekend. So I really think he could use it.”

-Dana Evans of Bowling Green


“Because given his family everything and never asks for anything in return. I would like him to be rewarded with something special because he’s done so much for us.”

-Dawn Divinsky of Cave City


“Because he is the best husband to me, Father to my son, and Pappoo to his grandson. He is there through the bad as well as the good. He sees the good in everything when we fail to see through the same eyes as he does.”

-Deloris Jones of Brownsville


“He taught me the value of hard work”

-Donnie Franklin of Scottsville


“I am nominating my husband for always putting everyone before himself.”

-Dina Madera of Bowling Green


“My Dad is always there for me, through the good days and the bad. He always helps me whenever I need him. He is the Best Dad ever!!”

-Doug Roberts Jr of Bowling Green


“My Dad is 78. He has a degenerative muscle disease and is confined to a wheelchair. He was told 16 years ago that in 5 years we would be feeding…that was their forecast but they did not know my Dad. 16 years later his disease has progressed but his determination has never faltered. He does struggle to raise a washcloth to his face but he wants to do things himself. He was once a mountain of a man Kentucky farmer, and the only thing greater than his determination is his happy spirit. He is a joy and is kind and is a blessing to all that know him. That’s my Pop!”

-Rhonda Clemons of Brownsville


“My father is my best friend. We ride Harleys together, he has helped with me finding a good job and helps me to learn to work on things that we can’t afford to have fixed by someone else”

-Gary Hoffart of Bowling Green


“My pops is the best. He works really hard and would help anybody.  He has been there for me since I was born. Jeff Mitchell you are a wonderful dad. I really think he deserves to win.”

-Patricia Dodson of Franklin


“He is the most hard working and dedicated man! Loves his family with all his heart!”

-Haley McPeak of Bowling Green


“My dad deserves to win because he is the best person I know. I’m a little bias because, well.. he is my dad. My dad has raised me and my older brother to be the best we could be. Working hard and never giving up on our dreams. He is selfless and caring, always going above and beyond to help anyone in need. In 1981 my dad joined the United States Army and retired Captain after 20 years of service. He continued to work for Ireland hospital in Fort Knox as a Physician’s Assistant. Providing healthcare for soldiers. In 2008 my dad suffered from a massive heart attack, unfortunately resulting in quadruple bypass surgery. He stayed in Jewish medical center for weeks recovering. He retired from his job and is focusing on his health and our family. I have two beautiful children who love their Papaw more than anything. They look up to him just as I do. My dad deserves to win because he has spent his entire life serving and helping others. This would be a cool way to show him how much I appreciate him and how great of a father he has been to me.”

-Britney Harper of Park City


“My husband Jeff “Porky” Henderson is an amazing dad, he works super hard for us all. He is the sane to our crazy house. and he is the best PORKPA around, our 2 grand babies are extremely lucky to have him.  All kids tend to go to him as he is the fun, tractor riding, go cart fixing, here I’ll let you drive in the yard dad/Porkpa.  He is simply amazing”

-Amy Henderson of Rockfield


“My children always come first, I will do whatever I have to, to ensure their safety and happiness.”

-Ira Ken of Mount Herman


“He’s the best!”

-Jana Hanks of Auburn


“I’m nominating my husband. He’s the best daddy to our two little girls. He makes us all feel like princesses. He’s a hard worker and always puts his wants last, to make sure our girls have everything the need and most of the things they want”

-Jenny Constant of Park City


“Pops deserves this for many reasons!!! He and my mother have raised five boys and thought us the right way to raise our children and how to treat our spouses. He gave up so much of his time through our child hood driving us all to our baseball tournaments, getting home after midnight and going to work at 5 the next day. He is the best grandfather anyone could ask for. My pops is the best man I know!!!!”

-Jerrad Taylor of Russellville


“Always there for me and my siblings!! Has a big heart!! Is a awesome father and grandfather! Works hard every day! Great Christian Man”

-Jimmy Ezell of Hopkinsville


“He deserves to win because we know hes an amazing dad! Hes always pushing for our whole family to keep pushing and striving in life. He makes life whole ♥️ plus he is always trying to win anything at all on the beaver and has yet to win so this would make his whole year! Plus knowing we thought enough of him to do this!!!!!!”

-Chris Grimes Jr of Bowling Green


“He puts up with a family full of women and never complains. He will do anything for his girls and always puts himself on the back burner. He deserves the world.”

-Kara Dunahee of Bell Buckle


“Works hard every day and does without”

-Kenneth Misley of Bowling Green


“My dad is the best!  He is the most hardworking man I know.  He has taught my sister and I, along with our children, so many valuable things.  The most important is how to be there for each other.  Our dad is always there for every one of us!  He truly is the best!  He goes out of his way to help others, he is patient, and loving. He deserves to win because he is the best and deserves to best!”

-Keri Beth Turner of Tompkinsville


“He has been biggest supporter. He pushed me to always do my best.  He is the greatest man I have ever known.”

-Kevin Mills of Bowling Green


‘He’s a good dad and he always makes time for me.”

-Krista Hatcher of Cave City


“Duane Hall is deserves to win because not only is he a great father to our kiddos he is a great father and role model to many athletes that have come through WKU.  Several WKU athletes have come through the programs like football, track and field, basketball and baseball without a father figure and Duane has mentored and guided these athletes as if they were his own children.   Not only helping them to be successful in the sport, but to be successful in life and become wonderful parents as well. It make me beam with pride the amount of phone calls he gets on Father’s Day from formers players to with him a Happy Father’s Day!  That’s what coaching is all about! Happy Father’s Day Duane you are truly one of the best!  We are lucky to have you!”

-Laura Hall of Bowling Green


“My whole entire life my dad has helped the community in so many ways! Not only was he the best dad in the world to my brother and I he was always lending a hand to any one in need. He has worked his whole like to provide the best life for us and never asked anything in return. And now I’m planning the wedding of my dreams and my dad has been right there beside me making sure my day will be perfect! He is my best friend and I love him to the moon!”

-Lauren Whitmer of Bowling Green


“He works so hard with a full time job plus 2 side jobs. He wants to retire in 2 years and he is absolutely the best father there is!! He’s my hero”

-Kimberly Nash of Russellville


“Father’s Day is around the corner which means everyone is thinking of the many reasons why they believe their Pops is Tops. I believe there are many great Dads out there, but I feel mine is the very best!   I am so happy to have him in my life. Our picking on each other gets out of hand at times but the love is always there! 😂 He continuously wants the best for our family and works to make sure we have everything we need.   I am thankful he raised me to be a Kentucky Fan, Thankful he is always going along for the ride when it comes to adventures, I’m thankful he always makes my family & I laugh. With him there’s comedy everyday & I love that. He just helps make life fun! He does so much for us & it doesn’t go unappreciated! I am thankful for him year round, day in and day out. I am So happy God made him my Dad! I truly believe My Pops is Tops! ❤️  -Makenzie Belcher”

-Makenzie Belcher of Auburn


“My dad deserves the pops of the year award because well, he is Larry Hill. If you know my dad, you know he never meets a stranger, you know that he is always wearing a smile, and he is cracking some sort of “dad joke”. My dad deserves this award because has the heart of a servant. He chooses to demonstrate love and kindness through his actions such as volunteering with children’s ministry at church, helping those in need, and lifting peoples’ spirits with that goofy grin of his. He has shown me what kind of qualities to look for in a husband by the way he treats my mother and the people around him. I could not think of a more deserving person to receive this award other than my own “pops”.”

-McKenna Hill of Smiths Grove


“My husband is the best daddy! He works 7 days a week! We have 5 girls and they are all daddy’s girls. He coaches our oldest softball team. He goes out of his way each and every day to make sure we are all taken care of. He’s in the national guard and works at the armory here in Glasgow. We love our soldier and the girls love their daddy more than anything!”

-Meghan Strode of Glasgow


“My pops was the best pops a guy could get. He taught me how to hunt, fish, build things, and work on cars but most importantly how to treat a lady and always respect your family. My dad was the best dad and I sure do miss him! Be grateful for every moment if you dad is still with you!”

-Matt Mudd of Bowling Green


“My husband coaches little league for teams that we don’t even have kids on, he is a preacher and a stay at home dad to our 5 children. He is an amazing husband and father.”

-Crystal Holland of Scottsville


“He is a hard worker”

-Katrina Lowe of Bowling Green


“He’s a great father to my children and his own, he loves all children, and helps anyone who needs him, if he knows them or not.”

-Lonnie Powell of Auburn


“He is not my pops but he is my grandpops.  He takes care of me every day, picks ne up from school every day.  In the summer we play golf, go swimming, play football, baseball, any thing I want to do, any thing I want to do he will do it for me.  But most of all he loves me a lot.”

-Patricia Toms of Glasgow



“Because pops has always been there for me.”

-Patrick Cherry of Bowling Green


“My pop is not my biological father, but just the same. He is my father in law. My father’s passed away in 1999. My after in law means alot to me! He had worked with my dad for many years. His son in which I married, he and I graduated high school with each other. My Pop is the closest thing to a dad to me. He is a hoot!”

-Phyllis Goodwin of Bowling Green


“Hard working, caring, loving and the most unselfish person that is always there for us .  He is my husband and my son’s dad 💙”

-Barbara Polland of Tompkinsville


“Submitting for my kids. Kenny has been a wonderful dad not only to his 2 daughters but he has been raising my 2 kids since my daughter was 2 and my son was 7 months old. We have been together for 14 years now and has sacrificed so much for them. He works so hard to make sure our family gets everything we want and need. Not only do our kids love him, but he is the custodian at Bowling Green high school and they dedicated an entire page in the yearbook to him. He has affected so many young students a positive way.”

-Penny Richardson of Bowling Green


“Because he raised me in church and taught me to be a good person”

-Becky Ray of Brownsville


“It takes a real man to take care of someone’s else child and accept them and let them call you daddy since you were 2 years old. I am 29 now and I still call him daddy to this day and always will.”

-Ashley Pedigo of Bowling Green


“My dad is the best dad ever. He helps everyone that needs to be helped. He is always there when you need him. My dad has been without a job for two years but he stills finds a way to support his wife and kids. I love my dad. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be in college. Making my life better for me and my wife.”

-Jordan Wilson of Bowling Green


“My dad is the best! He raised me to be strong and full of confidence. He always has your back and is the first to drop everything and help you out. He loves his kids & grandkids more than anything. He’s the best dad I could have ever hoped for!”

-Kasey Sweeney of Bowling Green


“My husband is an amazing father. He has helped with our son since he was born by getting up in the night, staying home with him when he’s sick, feeding, bathing, and everything in between. He is the definition of father and deserves to be rewarded!”

-Sarah Whitledge of Bowling Green


“He works hard to provide all we need and alot of what we want. He’s there for all the ballgames and cub scout events even if it means going into work at 3 am so he can be off in time. And he watches continuous cartoons 🤣”

-Shannon Key of Summer Shade


“My father in law is always giving himself to everyone else. Works hard and never ask for anything. He also lost his father last month, so this is his first Father’s Day without his dad.”

-Shawn Carney of Cave City


“My pops deserve this so much. His Birthday is June 17th but never asks for anything for either Father’s day or his birthday. He needs to be treated with this great package like the great dad and papaw he is.”

-Shelly Roberts of Auburn


“He is the best dad ever. He always strives to give his family what they need and this would be a great way to say thank you for all he does.”

-Bobby Roberts of Auburn


“He’s the best”

-Tonja Hampton of Elkton


“He is a hard working single father”

-Steve Hanner of Franklin


“I would like to nominate my husband Josh Butt. He has always tried to be the best father to his own children that he could. he took my son and daughter under his wing and was the father to them they had never had. even with the loss of our youngest son in January he still stands strong. he has been strong for all us and deserves recognition for his strength and support.”

-Tina Butt of Franklin


“This is actually for my husband. We birth our first daughter this year in May sixth and she passed away an hour and a half later. With this being what would have been his first our baby girl this would be so special for him.”

-Summer Moats of Bowling Green


“My Dad is very hardworking. He never stops making sure things are done around the house and always finds time to play games with me or help me with volleyball. We have lots of traditions too. We both love Marvel and going to Beech Bend in the summers.”

-Taylor Blankenship of Bowling Green


“He is an amazing kind and beautiful person!”

-JoAnna Kyle of Smiths Grove


“He is amazing because he took me fishing, coached my sports teams, was a youth minister and a foster parent. All while working a full time job while allowing my mother to stay at home with us. He now does mission work and takes care of my sick mom all while being an awesome papaw to his grands and great grands! At 75 he is still Superman in my book!”

-Toni Miller of Glasgow


“Because he’s awesome and deserves the world”

-Tori Smith of Bowling Green


“He was s fun and loves to play. He is the biggest kid.”

-Traina Manley of Glasgow


“So my pops, which is what I call him by the way is 74 year old retired Methodist minister. I think he deserves the best of anything.  He always is taking care of everyone else even at his age.  He is what I call old school, up early every morning, coffee and newspaper, he has all the dishes away, trash emptied sets up whatever my mom needs.  Dad also will take the neighbors trash cans and bins back for them, all three neighbor s. Not to mention walking with a cane and having MS (multiple sclerosis) Never once has any of that changed what he does.  He is always there for me whenever I need advice or if I’m working on something he always wants to help or give ideas.  Pops is just a great father and recently my 44 year old sister just got married dad was an amazing father to her and stood long hours during wedding day just to make her happy…. Ok in closing my dad is the kindness, smartest , loving , and most deserving father , I would be so grateful for him too win these gifts would be great Father’s day gift to reward up as well him and mom share there 50th wedding anniversary in Aug … Thank you for taking time to read about my top pops”

-Stephen Coomer of Bowling Green


“My father did everything he could for his children and continues to even though we are grown.”

-Wendy Dennison of Smiths Grove


“He is a great father to our son and soon to be new one on the way”

-Kala Dominy of Bowling Green

“He’s working an average of 16-18 hours a day for our family, while still finding time to play with our six year old daughter, and one month old son…and also going to school for Integrative Nutrition and Functional Medicine! He is truly amazing, and deserves something that will show him we think so, too.”

-Elizabeth Raines of Bowling Green



“My dad passed away 5 years ago, He was one in a million! I loved him with all my heart. It was so hard on my mother. She still cries often. Since then life has placed a sweet man in our lives. His name is Steve Garrity. He has been there when nobody else was. He gives and gives without expecting anything in return. I’m sure he doesn’t realize how much he means to mom and I. Mom is up in age and doesn’t drive but around home and my brother, her oldest son has been diagnosed with brain cancer(4th stage) along with being a diabetic with his left leg being amputated around 2 months ago. It’s hard to grasp all the heartache we’ve been through and still face but with God and his angel on earth Steve we make it through the hardest days. I wished the world consisted of men like Steve every where. I love him and appreciate all he does selflessly for my little family. I know you have so many stories to read but this is only a small amount of so much greatness Steve is. I wished you knew him. Heck, I wished everyone had a Steve in their life.”

-Becky Cline of Oakland


“I would like to nominate my grandfather/dad Ronnie Murray he deserves to win this for many reasons. The most important reason is when i was just an infant him and my grandmother took me in to raise as their own. He worked countless hours and multiple jobs to make sure i was taken care of. No matter what he has always been there for me in the good times and bad he has never turned his back on me. He goes above and beyond to help anyone and would give the shirt off his back if need be. I couldn’t be more grateful and blessed to have the best granddather/dad in the world. I love him so much. Till this day if my kids or myself needed anything he would drop what he was doing to make sure we were taking care of.. So yes he deserves the world and i would love for him to win this amazing package this would just be a small token of my appreciation he deserved so much more. If it wasn’t for this man who know where i would be at today. He brought me up in a Christian home and taught me to be the best woman i could be. Please my grandfather/dad deserves this help me show my appreciation to him.. Thank you.”

-Rhonda Sadler of Franklin

“I think my Dad deserves to win because he never had to be the dad he is. He stepped up and became my dad when i was 3 years old. He has been the only dad ive ever know and the best father a child could ask for. He would give the shirt off his back to anyone. Hes a wonderful husband to my mom and i couldnt have asked God for a better Dad.”

-Makayla Lindsey of Bowling Green


My mother passed away last year, it’s been a rough year. He deserves it. He’s a great dad and Pops to my boys!
-Holley Scott of Bowling Green


“He is a police officer and works 3rd shift but always makes sure if I can in the middle of the day to eat lunch with me does at school and helps coach my”

-Tracy Lee of Bowling Green


“I’m submitting my children’s father cause he is definitely the Best…he even changes dirty diapers!!! If that doesn’t qualify him to win I don’t know what else will. He is more than I could ever ask for especially while is was pregnant with my second. He woke up in the middle of the night and sang to our son at 3 in the morning even when he had to work the next day. He deserves this more than anyone I could think of.”

-Bethany Ewing of Cross Plains


“My dad has been through so much but always strives to be the best dad possible. He served in the military when he was diagnosed with diabetes, which resulted in him having to stop serving. He was devastated. He always makes sure our needs are met before his. He works long hours and never complains. When I found out I was pregnant at a young age he was nothing but supportive. Everyday I know that my dad loves me, without a doubt. He deserves the world.”

-Landyn Houchens of Lucas


“Because he is a hard worker, he’s a farmer that works hard to provide for his family”

-William Lawrence of Brownsville


“He became my daddy when I turned 21 months old. He has loved me unconditional and unseparated from my brothers. I had a blessed opportunity for my dad and I to go to nursing school together. In 2015! we both graduated As Registered Nurses what an honor to stand beside the man who loved, raised , cared and continues to guide me through a God loving life! Thank you Harlan Dile for being my daddy, spiritual leader,and my best friend. Love you!”

-Taylor Dile of Glasgow

“Why does my pops deserve to win, because my dad is amazing he’s not my real dad but he is my stepdad he not only stepped up to be a good father to me but also to my nephew he does anything and everything for us he’s there when I need him he helps me out when I need help cuz my husband’s not much of a handyman but he comes and fixes stuff for me and he’s a scouts leader for my nephew’s boy scouts he’s just wonderful man all together he’s not the father that I wanted but he’s the best father that you could ever ask for”

-Tasha Cantrell of Portland


“My dad has always been the sacrificing type father. When my 4 siblings and I were kids my dad would work 2 or more jobs and would still make time for us. My dad would work 2 jobs in the summer, mow during the day and would still find time to make sure we always knew he loved us and found time to enjoy his family. He’s made sure my mom could stay home with all of us. He now works out of town so my mom can stay home. No matter how many mistakes we make, he’s always been there. When I left my ex-husband, my dad made sure that my 2 daughters and I had everything we needed when we completely started over in our apartment. My dads always put everyone else in front of himself. He’s 62 now and still works as if he’s 22. He’s usually working out of town, and misses holidays and birthdays. My dad is finally going to be home after quit a few years of being out of town for fathers day. I’m entering this contest because even though my dads never been in service, he’s always put others before himself. He’s been more of a daddy to me and my siblings. He’s been our hero. He has always went above and beyond, and has always been a father of gold. He use to loose his temper when he was doing something, and would always say some…selective words, but never meant any of it, and when we look back on it now he just laughs. He’s sacrificed so much of his time, money and health for us that this type of prize would be something he could enjoy. Something he could spend on himself. He’s done so much for others, and continues every day, I would just love to see the smile on his face to be able to enjoy himself. Something for him to have for himself, and he is a big sausage fan. Not gonna lie there. Thanks for your time of reading this.”

-Nicole West of Scottsville


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