Happy Day Request Form

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Happy Day requests must be submitted no later than 30 days before the date you are requesting.

Other info you need to know before submitting a Happy Day request:

  • Submitting a name for Happy Day does not add them to the Birthday and Anniversary list.  You must do that separately at this link:  www.beaverfm.com/birthday-and-anniversary-announcements/
  • We receive many requests for the same day, therefore all Happy Day requests are first come, first serve.
  • Many names are commonly used for both male and female, so there is a place in the form to list the gender of the name.  In addition, some common names have uncommon pronunciations, and some names are not common enough to know how to say them, so there is a place in the form for that too.
  • Before clicking the submit button below, remember... using this form DOES NOT add this person to the on-air birthday announcements. This form is for Happy Day requests only. If you also want to add them to the birthday announcements, you must send that information using the Birthday and Anniversary form at www.beaverfm.com/birthday-and-anniversary-announcements/

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